Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Good Clear Fundraiser provides a profitable and highly effective fundraiser plan for Faculties, Youth Communities, Athletic Corporations and Teams, Churches, non profits, etc. We sell Highquality fabric softeners and fluid washing detergents made by a sizable detergent supplier within the united states. The laundry soap is sold when many individuals are currently paying 13-15 dollars per ounce at the supermarket in 5-gallon containers for approximately $45 which comes to about 7 cents per ounce. Among the organizations selling soap for fundraising is Excellent Clean Fundraiser (or 800-680-3775). I'll search for other companies carrying this out (if you'll find any other firms) and post an update for folks who desire to pursue this like a fundraising opportunity. Update March 3, 2015: A commenter has found Wave (powdered, not fluid) in five-quart buckets imported from Vietnam being marketed in Houston.

We simply come upon a truck selling these 5 gal buckets of Wave and Gain soap and my husband asked me to whip my iPad out and do some quick research while he went and talked for the man... Snapped a picture and will forward to P&H to let them know it really is still happening within CALIFORNIA! As you will see there's nothing wrong together with the Detergent and finally Play & Procter US proved they make this Product Overseas.

Of course G&G will not inform you that their item will be distributed in this way and many truly everyone marketing it while the namebrand should really be shut down because that's laundry soap fundraiser a no no (and waste shame for your types who are selling natural fakes) but you'll find defiantly 5 gallon containers of tide and gain boating for cents to the buck of what you are paying inside the shops.